Advanced Services

Here at Divine Hair & Beauty we offer a range of advanced treatments including SkinBase Microdermabrasion Facials, Non-Surgical Dermalft Facials, Permanent Hair Removal and Microblading. Our small but professional team will ensure your chose treatment is of the highest quality. For more details on the services we offer please take a look below.

Skin Base Microdermabrasion Facials

The SkinBase microdermabrasion Facial™ is a safe, controlled treatment that intensely exfoliates and resurfaces the skin. It’s the leading skincare treatment in the UK & Ireland for complete skin rejuvenation, available at over 1,600 leading salon. A fine jet of abrasive crystals gently removes dead skin cells layer by layer and a vacuum action lifts away the debris, stimulating the blood flow and encouraging collagen and elastin formation that results in firmer, revitalised and youthful looking skin. Wrinkles disappear, acne scarring is reducedull and tired skin is completely banished – sometimes after just one treatment.

Effects are usually seen after the first treatment, with ongoing improvements seen week after week during a course. Your SkinBase therapist will perform an initial consultation and recommend a course length to you. Usually, this will consist of 6 to 8 treatments, 7 to 10 days apart. Skin problems such as acne or acne scarring, or deeper forehead wrinkles may require up to 20 weeks to achieve full improvements. After a course is completed, a single monthly treatment will maintain your skin’s improvements.

1 session 30 minutes £25
6 sessions £125
10 sessions £200
Mini Facial 25 minutes
(cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, moisturizer)
Luxury facial 55 minutes
(cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask, facial massage, scalp massage, moisturize)
Non- surgical Dermalft Facials
Microface Non-surgical Facial Standard 60 Minutes
A complete workout for the face focuses on creating a lift in the contours of the face by firming and toning the key facial muscles. Results: will reduce wrinkles and even out fine lines.
Microface Non-surgical Luxury Facial 75 Minutes
A complete workout for the face focuses on creating a lift in the contours of the face by firming and toning the key facial muscles. Includes AHA, ADLA and dermafusion mask infusion. Results: Will reduce wrinkles, even out lines and leave the skin revitalised and rejuvenated.
Non-surgical Eye Lift 30 Minutes
The dermalift eye lift focuses on the eye and brow to lift and frim the key facial muscles. Included eye pads, micro-collagen and vitamins C. Results: Restore tone and reduces fine lines around the eye area.
Jowl Sculpt 30 Minutes
This treatment is specifically designed to target untoned muscles around the jawline. Results: Will leave jaw lifted, frim and redefine the contours of the face
Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Activation (ADLA) 15 Minutes
ADLA treatment provides lymphatic drainage enhanced non-surgical face lift. Perfect for treating cellulite and firming the skin in specific areas. Results: Reduction in the dark circles, excess fluid and clear sinuses.
Permanent Hair Removal

Fed up with waxing and shaving? Unwanted hair can be irritating, embarrassing and time consuming. Intense pulsed light known as ‘IPL’ hair removal provides a quick and painless solution to unwanted hair with permanent reduction in hair growth that simply can’t be achieved by conventional methods.

1 Session 6 Session
Lip £30 £150
Lip & Chin £55 £275
Underarm £60 £300
Cheeks £50 £250
Bikini £65 £325
Brazilian  £70  £350
Forearms £70 £350
Full Arm £120 £600
Full Leg £170 £850
Half Leg £90 £450
Back £140 £700
Chest £120 £600
Toes £20 £100
Semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattooing (Microblading)
Microblading helps to create a beautiful eyebrow shape, lasting around 2 years. During your treatment small hair strokes are put into the skin to create a natural feathered look.
Consultation must be done before treatment can be carried out.
Full set £250-£300

(Price given in consultation)